Running lab


The Running Lab expert will introduce and explain you the full measurement that will take place during the session.


The Running Ability Measurement will consist of six measurements in four parts.
1. Physique: Leg alignment, foot shape, and body composition
2. Strength: Leg strength measurement
3. Form: Running form analysis
4. Endurance: Aerobic endurance measurement


The Running Lab expert will walk you through the mesurement results. The final report gets sent in the post and via email 5-7 working days after your ASICS Running Lab session.


Leg Alignment – Leg Alignment measures your range of movement in your lower limb joints, flexibility/stiffness of the muscles, as well as Q-angle, lower leg angle and heel angle. It is designed to identify areas of weakness such as muscular tightness and highlight areas that may be predisposed to injury, so we can correct any imbalances before injury occurs.  

Foot ID – Foot ID uses 4 lasers and 8 cameras take a 3D image of your foot. The results from this determine the best shoe fit in terms of width and size. In addition it also determines arch height, heel width and whether you statically overpronate.

Body Composition – Body composition measures your fat and muscle mass weight and percentage, and how this is distributed in your body. It also shows your Body Mass Index (BMI), and whether you lie within the healthy range and your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is how many calories you burn on a daily basis plus much more!


Using an Isokinetic Dynamometer we measure your peak leg strength in flexion and extension (quadriceps and hamstrings).

Through this analysis we determine: bilateral strength differences, flexion/extension strength ratio and give you a strength score based on elite level endurance runners. This information allows us to suggest specific strength training exercises to help develop any areas that are identified as weak or imbalanced.







Whilst on the treadmill for the aerobic endurance measurement we take a video recording of your running form. 3 cameras take 5 second clips every 55 seconds from the front, back and side. This identifies areas of wasted energy expenditure, such as not tucking in the elbows or muscular weaknesses in an endurance capacity.


In order to measure endurance we look at V02, VC02, HR, RER and many other parameters to determine your anaerobic threshold (AT), and estimates half/full marathon times taking both training and fatigue into consideration. It also identifies what pace your AT is and training guidance is given based upon this pace. This is most efficient and effective way of increasing running endurance and speed. This test is an incremental test to a state of near exhaustion. The start speed is determined by your current 10km time, the treadmill stays at this pace for 2 minutes before increasing by 0.5 km/h every minute thereafter until we have all the data that we require.


How can I book an ASICS Running Lab measurement?
Simply call us on 020 7629 0154 or email

How much does the ASICS Running Lab measurement cost?
The total cost is £200, and this can be paid in store by cash, credit or debit card.

What do I need to bring with me?
Please bring your usual running kit (running shoes, socks, shorts and a t-shirt). If you usually wear glasses we ask you bring contacts for the aerobic endurance measurement. After the measurement you may use our changing and showering facilities.