Badminton shoes: a guide to what to wear



• Badminton is a tactical and extremely fast sport

• Stability is vital for players who dominate the backcourt

• Speed is key to anyone whose game involves fast net shots

Choosing badminton shoes comes down to speed vs stability. So are you a backcourt power hitter or most comfortable at the net?

Badminton sounds like a simple sport – 2 to 4 players, a shuttlecock and a net. The rules are straightforward and the court’s compact.

But as elite and club players know, it’s anything but straightforward. Court positioning is crucial, speed and agility are paramount and a finely-tuned tactical sense is essential.

Players’ styles vary, too. Some are high-jumping attackers who use quick, acrobatic net shots. Others play a longer, more measured game, using cleverly judged lifts and clears to force their opponents into an error.

Luckily, ASICS offers two styles of badminton shoe so you can choose the one that suits your game best.


If your game is all about keeping a measured rhythm of cleverly-placed clears and lifts from somewhere near the baseline, you’ll demand a particular set of attributes from your shoes:

  • Stability and support for a secure feel as you turn on the spot and sprint short distances
  • Impact protection to protect against the jarring of take-offs and landings
  • A snug fit to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the match

ASICS offers the perfect shoe for you – the GEL-PROGRESSIVE.


If you’re an attacking player, using your athletic skill and agility to get into match-winning positions and fire off reflex smashes at the net, this is what you’re looking for:

  • A low profile and great responsiveness to aid speed and agility
  • Optimal traction to grip the court and help with sudden shifts in direction 
  • A large pivot point on the sole to promote more efficient and aggressive turns
  • A snug fit to ensure that all your power is put down on the court

If that’s your game, you should go for our high-tech specialist shoe, the GEL-BLADE 4.

The GEL-BLADE and GEL-PROGRESSIVE double up as squash shoes as well. So you’re not limited in what indoor sport you can play at your local club.

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