Shoes for a marathon

You can get very attached to your running shoes. But with a marathon coming up, you might need a new pair. So how do you know if you’ve found ‘the one’? Here is everything you should think about before you make your decision.

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Understanding pronation

Pronation is the way the foot rolls inward when you walk and run. It is part of the natural movement that helps the lower leg deal with shock. Some people pronate more (overpronation) or less (underpronation) than others.

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Running shoes for women

Until recently most running shoes for women were just smaller versions of men’s shoes. But ASICS is taking a gender-specific approach to designing running shoes, with the aim to improve women's performance, comfort and safety.

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How to clean running shoes

If you're running outside your shoes come across everything from mud and puddles to leaves and grit. All of this dirt can make your shoes look worn out before they really are. So once in a while your shoes just need a makeover.

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Your first running shoes

You may have been inspired by a recent race on television and thought: “I can do that!” Your next step is finding the right pair of running shoes, and it all depends on how far you want to go and over what kind of terrain.

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Trail running: The top 10 essentials

With the right gear and equipment, you can enjoy trail running across rough and rugged terrain. See what every trail runner needs to stay comfortable, protected and supported – plus, the little essentials that help you navigate your trails.

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Trail running shoes guide

Trail running means taking your running off road. It means having to navigate across varied terrain and getting used to some different types of running – particularly when you’re going up or downhill.

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Running shoes guide

A comfortable running shoe is a shoe that fits, but finding one is not always easy. Since you spend a lot of time in a pair of shoes, it's worth getting to know your personal running style in order to find the perfect pair of running shoes.

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Kids running

For a running parent, there are few things more exciting than the day your child wants to start running. But remember: it’s all about them having fun. And if they want to start racing, it should never be all about winning.

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Stay dry on your run

‘I can’t go out running – it’s raining!’ It’s a common excuse and we’ve all used it at some point. But it needn’t be such an easy excuse, as long as you have the right gear to protect you from the elements and keep you warm.

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Layering up for unpredictable weather

It’s important to plan your outfit for all eventualities so no matter what the weather does, you’re always comfortable and can focus on your performance. So your gear needs to be flexible and easy to carry, while also giving you protection from the wind and rain.

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Changing your running shoes

When you take your new ASICS running shoes out of the box all pristine and clean, they are also at their most protective and supportive. But like any product, they wear down over time. Podiatrist and ASICS PRO Team member Clifton Bradeley explains when and why you should change them.

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ASICS running shoes

Once you know which running style you are then the only decision left to make is which ASICS running shoe is best for you. The most important thing is choosing from the correct category depending on your running style.

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Choosing the right running shoes

Clifton Bradeley, specialist musculoskeletal sports podiatrist, and advisor to the ASICS Running Clinics, gives us his advice for choosing the right running shoe. He takes the mystery out of choosing running shoes by explaining what all the terminology means.

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