Your foot bounces off the pavement with the lighter, springier FluidRide 2.0 midsole of the GEL-CUMULUS. This running shoe gives your push offs a little extra power. As underpronators (also called supinators) tend to be susceptible to shock-related injuries like stress fractures, you should choose a neutral running shoe with plenty of cushioning, for example, the GEL-CUMULUS.


What is G-TX?

Rain, slushy snow and lingering puddles will become part of your daily adventure thanks to the seamless Gore-Tex fabric in our G-TX range of footwear. If you’re out to tackle the toughest trails in the dead of winter or just out for an early morning run, you can trust the weather-proof features of Gore-Tex fabric to work hard with the power of ASICS performance technology to keep your feet in the healthiest environment possible.