GEL-Quantum 360 CM

Born of GEL, bred for comfort and protection. Our full 360-degree GEL Cushioning System is the extreme evolution of a natural advantage.



Engineered with more GEL than ever, both your comfort and protection are built into the DNA of every GEL-QUANTUM 360. All-around shock-absorbing technology comes alive to react with your body and soften your run.

Solyte midsole

A lighter weight midsole compound featuring enhanced cushioning and durability.

Guidance line

The guidance line is a complete system that effectively guides your movement as you shift your centre of gravity. It adjusts to your foot movement and individual running style.

360° discreet GEL

Get 360° comfort with GEL cushioning from the rearfoot to the forefoot. Accelerate and push off faster with full-length propulsion plates in the outsole.