Handball shoes: finding the right pair



• Handball is a fast, aggressive game

• Stability is vital for defensive players

• Speed is key to an attacker’s performance

Whether you’re a back, pivot or winger, ASICS has a handball shoe for you. Find out which one you need.

Handball is one of the fastest, toughest and most demanding sports in the world. You need fitness, accuracy, speed and agility – plus a pair of shoes which allow you to make the most of your talent and skill.

Not everybody will want the same features, though. Some will prefer to go for pure speed, while others will demand rock-solid stability.

Luckily, ASICS offers two styles of handball-specific shoes so you can choose whichever suits your game best.


If you’re a goalkeeper or back, you’ll be looking for something that plants you firmly and grips the court. And if you’re a centre you’ll need shoes that are really secure so you can break up your opponents’ attacks and make offensive plays yourself.

You’ll need:

  • Stability and ground control for a well-planted feel
  • Impact protection to protect against the jarring shocks of a hard court sport
  • Superb traction to maximise grip when turning fast or sprinting
  • A secure fit to make the last minute of the match as comfortable as the first

Depending on your skill level, there are two ranges that fit the bill – the all-rounder GEL-DOMAIN and the top-level GEL-BLAST.


If you’re up and down the court, making plays on offence and defence, you’ll need something that makes the most of your speed and agility. The pivots and wingers therefore go for a speed shoe that’s all about fast play.

The right shoe propels you on the break, lets you get into clear space for those winning shots on goal, and allows you to sprint back to disrupt your opponents’ attacks.

This is what you’re looking for:

  • Lightweight and flexibility to aid speed and acceleration
  • Optimal traction to grip the court and help with sudden shifts in direction 
  • Cushioning to prevent jarring when sprinting hard  
  • Breathability to keep your feet cool throughout the whole match

Our elite handball shoe was designed in collaboration with top players from HSV – check out the GEL-FIREBLAST.


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