Squash shoes: speed or stability?



• Squash is a fast, aggressive game

• Stability is vital for power shot players

• Speed is key for players who maximise court position

Squash is an intensely physical sport where fitness, agility and speed are at a premium. But what shoes do you need on the court?

Anything that can give you even a small advantage is invaluable, whether it’s increased grip for speed across the court or extra support for fast turns, shock absorption to keep you comfortable during long rallies or extra responsiveness to reach those tight drives.

There are two types of ASICS squash shoe, so you can choose whichever suits your style best.


If your game is about power shots and keeping your opponent off balance, you’ll need a particular set of features in your shoes:

  • Stability and support for a well-planted feel in turns and short sprints
  • Impact protection to protect against the jarring of take-offs and landings
  • A secure fit to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the match

ASICS offers an excellent, specially designed indoor court shoe for you – the GEL-PROGRESSIVE.


If your style makes full use of your athleticism and quickness, running round the court at full speed and covering a huge amount of ground, you’ll need a different set of attributes:

  • A low profile and great responsiveness to aid speed and agility
  • Optimal traction to grip the court and help with sudden shifts in direction 
  • A large pivot point on the sole to promote more efficient and aggressive turns
  • A snug fit to ensure that all your power is put down on the court

If that sounds like you, our high-tech specialist shoe, the GEL-BLADE acclaimed by one professional squash player as “the quickest and most comfortable squash shoe I’ve ever worn”, will fit the bill perfectly.

The GEL-BLADE and GEL-PROGRESSIVE are also badminton shoes. So if you’re at the local sports club and fancy trying something different, you don’t even have to change shoes – just switch courts and start playing.

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