Trail Running Shoe Guide: Find Your Shoe



• Trail running is very different to running on the road

• Up and downhill running present unique challenges which your road shoes aren’t suited to

• Trail-specific shoes give you the optimal level of protection, support and comfort

• You can choose from trail running shoes designed for fast running over mountain trails

• Or you might prefer a trail running shoe designed for milder trails and a more relaxed pace

Trail running means taking your running off road. It means having to navigate across varied terrain and getting used to some different types of running – particularly when you’re going up or downhill.

Trail shoes vs. road shoes

Running off road with your normal running shoes doesn’t give you enough support. It also doesn’t protect your feet – and when you’re going over uneven terrain, that’s really crucial. Depending on your trail running shoe, you can get:

  • waterproof protection that keeps you dry and comfortable
  • special midsoles that are harder in the mid- and forefoot and softer in the rearfoot
  • tough outsoles keep your foot protected
  • full contact outsoles give you great contact with the ground and help you run up and downhill

The different trail running shoes

The shoe you get depends on where you’re going to be running and how fast you want to go. If you’re heading in to mountains, you’ll need a shoe to suit the rocky and steep terrain. But some trail runners prefer a hybrid of a road and trail shoe…


Made for: Mountain trails
Running style: Comfortable
The ideal shoe if you’re looking to run over tough terrain with more comfortable cushioning.

Check out the GEL-FUJISENSOR
for men
for women


Made for: Trail and road
Running style: Comfortable
Hybrid shoe that lets you mix up your terrain during one run – so you can start on the road before heading to the trails.

for men
for women


Made for: Trail and road
Running style: Fast
The men’s GEL-FUJIELITE is designed for speed on the trails – so it might be the right shoe for your trail races.

Check out the Men’s GEL-FUJIELITE 


Made for: Mountain trails
Running style: Fast
This women’s shoe is designed for trail races over the toughest kind of terrain, giving you both speed and protection.

Check out the Women’s FUJIFELL RACER


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