Speed Vs Stability: Picking Your Tennis Shoes

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• Tennis has undergone a big change in recent years and become much faster

• It’s led to a split between baseline and serve-and-volley players

• Our lightweight shoe is for serve-and-volley players who need to make rapid changes in direction

• And the stability shoe is designed for baseline players who need support

• Mixing your shoe with joint stability exercises is also a good idea

The game of tennis has undergone a radical change over the years. It has become faster, with many players now playing more aggressively and hitting with greater power.

Speed – for a serve-and-volley game

ASICS has responded to these changes and developed a lightweight tennis shoe, specially designed for players who love a rapid change in direction and therefore need both speed and versatility.

The ASICS GEL-SOLUTION SPEED weighs just 331 grams, making it the lightest tennis shoe on the market.

The tennis-specific Impact Guidance System ensures that all components of the shoe work together perfectly on the court. The Propulsion Trusstic system creates a stable platform and assists forward and backward motion in sprinting and jumping. It works by supporting the foot's arch tendon to give more power and help prevent foot fatigue.

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Stability – for a powerful baseline game

Players who value stability and cushioning will find that the ASICS GEL-RESOLUTION is the perfect shoe for them.

This flagship shoe from ASICS has been offering top-performance on the court for many years. It has an excellent fit, and the safety and stability it offers players makes it one of the best-loved tennis shoes in the world.

Thanks to a new, improved upper material, the shoe is even better equipped to cope with the rigorous demands made of it. The new, improved heel design also gives the perfect hold.

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Improve your joint stability with some simple exercise