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Gel-Noosa TRI 11

Run faster. You enjoy being fast and every second you can shave off your run matters. Your focus is speed. Find the best speed running shoes, for both men and women, to match your pace and train your body in multiple ways by mixing your run with road running, trail running and natural running. Whatever run you choose, make sure you are prepared with the right shoes, clothing and accessories.

Stay dry on your run

‘I can’t go out running – it’s raining!’ It’s a common excuse and we’ve all used it at some point. But it needn’t be such an easy excuse, as long as you have the right gear to protect you from the elements and keep you warm.

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Kids running

For a running parent, there are few things more exciting than the day your child wants to start running. But remember: it’s all about them having fun. And if they want to start racing, it should never be all about winning.

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