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MARCH 2017


Studies have shown that colour may impact athletic behaviour and performance, with black and red bringing out more aggressive attitudes.
(With New Zealand’s professional teams wearing black during international competition, it’s no wonder their performances are fierce!)
But generally speaking we all tend to wear athletic clothing that makes us look and feel good. Why?
It’s simple: you feel ready to tackle your workout and you exude confidence.

Sportswear that supports performance

But, what about wearing sports clothing that looks good AND supports your performance?
Olympic track and field athlete and new mum, Sarah Cowley-Ross, has been wearing ASICS sports clothing for more than 15 years.
“For someone who wears activewear a lot, the things that I like about good apparel is that it can actually make you feel great”, says Sarah. “When you feel great, you're more inclined to exercise and more inclined to exercise well”.
Whether you’re a professional athlete or an everyday kiwi doing their best to stay fit, dressing with the right gear for your training helps you make gains.

Get the tech you need for your workouts

At ASICS, what matters is YOU. Our apparel supports your mind and body so you can focus on achieving your fitness goals.
We designed our new 2017 collection to help you boost your performance with leading-edge tech. And when it comes to style and fit, you get the best of all worlds
“The colours in the new collection are really cool. When we go away on an international NZ team, we always wear black, but it’s nice to have more colour and flair when training’, says Sarah.  “A lot of people ask me: ‘Where did you get that from?’”

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Keep cool

When you move, your body generates heat. You need to stay comfortable to keep performing at your optimum.
ASICS clothing is made from lightweight, breathable fabrics with strategically placed mesh vents that keep you cool.
With our sports clothing, your body’s natural cooling process is better supported so you can keep going. Just breathe and focus on jumping, sprinting or dancing toward your goals 

Keep dry

A cotton tee absorbs sweat. As soon as you feel wet, you start thinking about reaching the end of your training session. Or worse, chafing stops you in your tracks.
When you wear the right training gear, your body feels comfortable.
ASICS sports apparel is constructed with fabrics that quickly pull moisture away from your body so you feel drier for longer. And that translates to powering through your training session while maintaining focus on your movement.
“I love the new range that’s out. It’s really comfortable, it’s lightweight, it’s breathable. It wicks away the sweat, which is so important”, says Sarah.
Our fitness clothing designs also incorporate fabrics that keep you warm and dry on chilly mornings or when wind and rain try to slow you down. Stay on track with our in-built weather protection.

Keep moving

Flex to the limit your body sets today, not the one your clothing dictates. Get the best range of motion possible with ASICS.
Stretchy fabrics designed to move with you let you bend and flex any way you choose. Just think: a zero distraction workout at last!
“Running is my comfort zone. As I am running fast, I don’t like clothing to be restrictive”, says Sarah.
As she’s preparing for her next athletic challenge, the World Master’s Games, you’ll often see her sporting her favourite piece of ASICS clothing:
“Tights: short and long. They're my go-to for training. Not afraid to admit it: they are just about daily use for me as well”.
Sarah’s top goal this year is to win the triple jump event at the Master’s for her age group.

What are your goals?

We’re committed to providing you with best tech to help you take the next step toward bettering your best.
Of course, ASICS sportswear does its job best when you sweat. So, we encourage you to shape your goals into reality -- one kick, twirl, or jump at a time.
Shop our 2017 collection online and get the tech you need with free shipping to anywhere in NZ.