One of the many perks of social media is the exposure and opportunities to follow each other’s journeys, share experiences (bad or good) with fellow runners, writers and bloggers. Anyone who’s ever embarked on the journey of running – particularly long runs, likely knows it can feel lonely at times.

There are certain times when doubt slides in your path and makes you wonder if you’re actually built for this: when an injury must be an indication of inability, or the illness you can’t seem to shake is a sign of weakness, or the workout that you can’t quite do properly is due to lack of talent.

But all of these mind games we tell ourselves are in and of themselves fragile and easily punctured, given some perspective.

Here’s some surprising advice to myself and fellow runners: try social media!

We have all heard and experienced by now the many downsides of comparing ourselves to others on social media – and it can have a colossal effect on our psyches. However, if approached properly (and of course following the real ones!) I actually believe that the positives outweigh the negatives.

Happy photo of four women taking picture
Behind the scenes | ASICS Team Building Day | photo by Sherif Samy 

The beauty of social media platforms – well most of them - Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook “Meta nowadays” – or whatever your choice of social media may be – is the fact that it gives us the opportunity to follow one another’s journeys, which allows us to learn from and support one another. I find that having a peek into the daily routines, workouts, distances, injuries, rehabs, nutrition, health, and whatever these platforms may throw in your way helps me keep that ever-important perspective.  

  In just a few minutes I can scroll through my social media feed and see the array of stories, from injury disappointments to achieving first-time personal bests. 

I find there is always something relatable, or something to learn from reading about what other fellow runners are experiencing. 

 In particular, I find it most interesting to follow professional runners. I really respect the ones who are fearless enough to give an honest feedback of their experiences, for better or worse, because these learning curves that they have experienced allow us all to have an insight into the realities and challenges that ALL runners experience no matter their level.  

For the people who know me by now, I enjoy sharing my journey on social media; good days, bad days, (more good than bad!) and everything in between.  

It’s fun to connect with a like-minded community, people of similar interests and to do this in a country that encourages this type of activity.  

As a person who shares my journey on a frequent basis I do consider it important to give the whole picture, as much as possible. I don’t want to hide my failures, or trump my successes. I take care to give a honest insight into my journey because I recognize how valuable it is, having benefited from others willingness to share their own.

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Tania Lolla Kaddoura

Sports physiotherapist |Masters in Physical Education and Sports from Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Age group: 30 -39

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