Move your mind, uplift the world.

Join us to inspire the world to move their minds. Energise your mind with the extra bounce of the NOVABLAST™ 2 running shoe. Try our Mind Uplifter™ and share the positive impact of movement on your mind.


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Try our Mind Uplifter™ and see how movement uplifts your mind. Share your results and inspire the world to move too. Every share will help raise funds for mental health charity Mind. Be part of the world’s first study into the positive mind-altering power of movement. The World Uplift Map, shows the collective impact of movement on minds across the world. and the ASICS State of Mind Index visualizes this impact and you can see why an uplift is needed.

Bouncier stride, energised mind.

Find out how the perfect shoe can boost your mind with Beth Potter, 2019 European Triathlon Champion and 2020 Valencia ITU Triathlon World Cup Winner, and Napoleon Solomon, three time Swedish steeplechase champion and one time 10,000m Swedish Champion.

“Running lifts my mood with every stride.”

With a responsive yet bouncy trampoline-effect midsole, the NOVABLAST™ 2 shoe adds a spring to your step.

“Through running I have found energy, it has had such a positive impact on my life.”

The FF BLAST™ midsole boosts and lifts your stride to energise your mind.


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