The BE(AT) Your Personal Best Counter. See how many athletes have been at their personal best with the new ASICS Speed Series.


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Discover our Speed Family Collection

Whether you are a Cadence Runner or a Stride Runner, with the New Speed Collection we got you covered. Lightweight, Comfortable, Supportive, FAST.

On the 24th of April in a speed oasis in the heart of France (Domaine Du Bois Aux Daims), our ASICS Athletes broke their Personal Bests. Check out the documentary of the event.

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New Personal Bests To BE(AT).

75% of the ASICS athletes already broke their Personal Bests. Will our ASICS FrontRunner Team outrun expectations as well? 

Find your speed.
It all depends on your running style.
Find out which racing shoe is your fast track to the finish line.

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For runners who gain speed by increasing their stride length.

  • Enhances upward spring with a taller FF Blast Turbo midsole and FLYTEFOAM™ Blast Turbo cushioning
  • Helps extend your stride for less steps to the finish line
  • Advanced stability and propulsion from a full-length carbon plate
  • Extra traction thanks to the ASICSGRIP™ outsole
  • Soft, breathable mesh to help you keep your cool


To help cadence-type runners go faster by extending their stride length while allowing them to change cadence more easily.​​

  • Pick up speed while maintaining your rhythm with a moderate midsole height that helps you roll from one step to the next.​
  • Introducing our lightest and bounciest midsole foam yet: FLYTEFOAM™ Blast Turbo.​
  • A full-length carbon plate stabilizes every footfall then propels you forward.​


Speed within reach. ​Feels like magic. 

  • ​Designed to propel you forward effortlessly, the MAGIC SPEED™ racing shoe will help your hard work pay off.
  • For runners who gain speed by increasing both their cadence and stride length.

    Get to know your running style.

    Stride runners gain speed by increasing only the length of their stride. Cadence runners increase both their step frequency and stride length. This video will help you spot the difference.

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    Please track your cadence by running for 1 kilometer at your 5 kilometer race pace. Then track a second 1 kilometer run at approximately 30 seconds per kilometer slower than your 5 kilometer race pace. For example, if your race pace is 4 minute per kilometer, run once at this pace and then again at 4:30 minutes per kilometer. If you don’t know your race pace, run at the fastest pace you can sustain for 5 kilometers for the first trial and 30 seconds slower for the second trial. Input the average cadence tracked into the field below and select the calculate button to determine which product is best for your running style.

    Outrun your expectations.

    Discover our full Speed Series collection—made to help you race past your record.

    The ASICS Speed Series collection is also available at:

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