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The ASICS State of Mind Index.

The ASICS State of Mind Index shows the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of the nation and highlights the need for an uplift. We know that there is a strong link between physical activity and mental health. We’re committed to take action to help lift people’s spirits through sport.

See the impact of movement on your mind.

Even the smallest amount of exercise can lift the mind. With the Mind Uplifter™ tool, for the first time ever, you can see the difference that movement makes. Your unique Mind Uplift will help build the World Uplift Map and you’ll help power the global effect. It’s true: when you move your mind, you can uplift the world.

The mission to uplift your town, your nation, the world.

We want to uplift a million minds, globally. Every time the Mind Uplifter™ is used, the resulting Mind Uplift data contributes to the World Uplift Map. The map shows the collective impact of movement on minds across the world.

How is your part of the world doing?