0:00:00.000,0:00:02.000 Orchestra Music Playing

0:00:02.000,0:00:03.500 Running long distance

[Kevin Ellison runs at top speed around a bleak outdoor stone landscape, across an open space and up stairs.]

0:00:03.500,0:00:05.180 that actually came last year

0:00:05.500,0:00:08.260 I also wanted to prove I can run a marathon

0:00:08.780,0:00:09.940 I am Kevin Ellison

0:00:09.940,0:00:11.100 I am an athlete

[Kevin stands facing the camera.]

0:00:11.100,0:00:12.400 This is my story

0:00:14.020,0:00:16.020 The marathon in Athens its kinda heavy

[Kevin slowly unzips his METARUN jacket. Shots cut between Kevin in this moment and grainy footage of Kevin running and stretching in another place and time.]

0:00:16.020,0:00:18.700 because its bumpy it’s not flat it’s not a fast track.

0:00:18.700,0:00:20.940 I was also asking friends of mine

0:00:20.940,0:00:23.800 is it possible to achieve that in the next three months?

0:00:23.800,0:00:25.460 and they were like yeah well,

0:00:25.460,0:00:27.140 you can probably run the race,

0:00:27.140,0:00:29.260 but don’t think of a good time or whatever

[Kevin running through an empty parking garage with palm trees in the background.]

0:00:29.260,0:00:32.500 and then yeah I managed to get in there under four.

[Overhead view of Kevin running.]

0:00:35.210,0:00:37.780 I love products that have attention to detail,

0:00:38.200,0:00:40.860 product with a high level of craftsmanship

0:00:40.860,0:00:42.580 and a certain functionality.

0:00:42.580,0:00:45.180 I would say I am a perfectionist in my sport.

[Shots alternate between Kevin running with speed and agility through the stone landscape, and closeups of his METARUN apparel.]

0:00:45.800,0:00:48.180 I don’t really want to compromise in what I wear.

0:00:48.500,0:00:51.260 when you feel good with the product you are wearing

0:00:51.260,0:00:53.340 your performance gets much better.

[Finally, Kevin runs away from the camera through a shadowy corridor.]

0:00:53.340,0:00:56.380 MetaRun, the best just got better.