0:00:00.000,0:00:06.210 This is a plank with a medicine ball. Use a

[Antoinette addresses the camera in a gym.]

0:00:03.060,0:00:07.799 ball to train your core even more! Get

[Antoinette gets into a plank position with her hands on a medicine ball.]

0:00:06.210,0:00:08.809 into a plank position, and place both

0:00:07.799,0:00:11.429 hands on the ball.

[Closeup on her hands on the ball.]

0:00:08.809,0:00:14.099 Once your plank is stable you can try

0:00:11.429,0:00:16.759 some toe taps. That's it.

[Antoinette taps her feet from side to side while in plank position.]

0:00:14.099,0:00:16.759 Give it a go!

[Antoinette addressing the camera.]