Why do muscles get tired

We’ve all felt that feeling somewhere during a race when your heart is pounding and your muscles are burning, crying out at you to stop or slow down. But what causes muscle fatigue?

It’s all because of oxygen.
Oxygen fuels our muscles during exercise, powering us to go further, to go faster and to cross the finish line.
When you don’t have enough oxygen you produce lactic acid, causing the burning sensation and tiredness every runner has felt at some point.

Then there’s the heart – the further and harder you go, the faster your heart has to beat. And once again, it’s all down to oxygen:

  1. Blood passes through the lungs, where it picks up oxygen to deliver to the muscles (oxygenated blood)
  2. The heart pumps oxygenated blood to your muscles where it drops of the oxygen your muscles need and picks up waste lactic acid
  3. The blood – now deoxygenated – returns to the heart through your veins, ready to start the whole process again

So to reduce tiredness and fatigue, you need to be able to deliver oxygen more efficiently. But you also need to get deoxygenated blood back to the heart and remove lactic acid from your muscles as quickly as possible.

That’s where compression running clothes come into their own.

How compression clothing works

Compression clothing is graduated, with greater pressure on the muscles further from the heart compared to those closer to it.

Take a tight for example. It’s tighter around the ankle than it is around the knee, squeezing the calf muscles and giving your veins a helping hand to push deoxygenated blood back up the legs and towards the heart.

It means you can:

Head-to-toe – how our clothing uses compression

The Muscle Support range is designed specifically for running, and targets key areas to reduce muscle vibration and improve your posture. So as well as giving you the compression you need, it’s doing much more as well.

Compression running tights

Compression calf sleeve

Compression calf support

Compression socks

Compression top

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