Many times, an over pronation running style can be fixed by simply strengthening the gluteus medius muscle, the key stabilizer of the hip. The glut med stops the hip from dropping when standing on one leg, and stops the leg turning in at the knee. Sarah Connors, ASICS PRO Team Physiotherapist, gives her top tips on keeping the gluteus medius muscle in good shape, so that you can correct your running technique accordingly.

How to check the strength of your gluteus medius:

A weak glut med can affect your running technique as your pelvis will be dropping and/or shifting across. This will cause an abnormal posture and loads the joints and muscles incorrectly, causing a lot of torsional forces in the lower leg and knee. This pattern can cause the runner to think they are over pronating, leading to wearing the wrong running shoes as well as further mechanical problems.

Bridging exercise to strengthen the glutes:

Incorporating this exercise into your running plan will help strengthen the glut meds and improve your running technique in the long term.

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