Running Gear for the Summer

August 8, 2017 / ASICS Australia
For runners, the summer means shedding winter layers and trying to stay cool. Here we look at crucial technologies, essential running gear and some extra running tips…
Running Gear for the Summer

What To Look For

When you’re training in the sun, specialized summer running gear can help keep you comfortable. Here are some technologies and fabrics to look out for…

37.5® fabric with protection from UV rays

This innovative fabric is made from recycled coconut shells. It gives you effective protection from the sun and a UV protection of UPF 50+.

  • Stitching that’s anti-chafing

  • Flatlock stitching reduces the risk of skin irritation. For women, seamless design eliminates chafing completely and gives you maximum comfort.

  • Quick-dry fabric that wicks sweat from your skin

  • Running in the hot weather means your cotton shirt can get soaked in sweat. You need to look for quick-drying fabrics that keep you comfortable while running.

Essential Clothing, From Head To Toe

Your running wardrobe will be radically different from the winter. You need to be thinking about extra hydration, increased sweat and the risk of sunburn.

1. Breathable running shoes

In the hot weather, a mesh upper can increase breathability and keep your feet feeling fresh.

2. Ankle socks

Shorter socks mean less of your body is covered up. It still keeps your feet protected but also lets more air into your shoes.

3. Split shorts

A short pair of running shorts with a split down the side increases ventilation in the summer months.

4. Vests and running tops

Whether you go sleeveless or not, a quick-drying and breathable running top keeps you running comfortably.

5. Caps and headbands

Keeping the sun out of your eyes helps to keep you focused on running. Plus, a good terrycloth headband can soak up sweat and keep it out of your eyes.

On top of clothing, a water bottle belt can keep you hydrated and refreshed while you run.

The right gear and technologies can help you stay cool. Check out our collection of running gear to suit up for your summer run.