ASICS Spirit

For over 60 years ASICS has been dedicated to sports and its healthy contribution to society.

We believe that sports talks a universal language, one that has the power to build a better world through action, thought and spirit.

We believe that the best way to achieve a balance in life - 'Sound Mind, in a Sound Body' - is through sport.

Sport and sportsmanship are intrinsic to the ASICS brand, products and employees.



1. Respect Rules
It is imperative that we commit and adhere to rules, remaining trustworthy in all we do.

2. Be Courteous
We must remain courteous at all times; maintaining a sense of honesty and fair play, we must embrace diversity and be respectful of all.

3. Be Persistent
We must remain focused at all times, whether victory is within sight or a struggle lies ahead. We must push the boundaries as we face up to our responsibilities.

4. Work as One Team
We must cooperate as one team, understanding that as a unit we are stronger than we are as a group of individuals. It is only by working as one team that we will deliver success.

5. Be Prepared
We must prepare ourselves for any given situation so that we always perform to the best of our ability.

6. Learn from Failure
We must understand that failure is part of success. In the face of defeat, we must pick ourselves up and learn from our mistakes.