Strong and light, the ASICS GEL-FujiTrabuco 4 has two main purposes –extreme trail running, and extreme comfort. Its trail specific grip is designed to amplify traction, gripping onto steep mountain climbs and harsh rocky descents. Add to that shock absorption and enhanced seamless construction, and you’ll be comfortable and confident, no matter what the terrain.



When you’re running through rivers, jumping over boulders and ascending rocky trails you want something on your feet that is both strong and supportive. Positioned in the mid-foot area, the DUOMAX is aimed at athletes with a tendency towards over-pronation. Providing support and reducing the risk of injury, the DUOMAX ensures natural movement in the toughest of environments - which is why the GEL-FujiTrabuco 4 is the perfect shoe for when you’re hitting the trail.

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Uphill Downhill Pattern

Falling over, sliding down, slipping up! Any way you look at it, hitting the dirt in rocky terrain is never much fun. That’s why we developed the Uphill-Downhill profile. Specifically designed for attacking dirt paths, bush trails and rocky-river crossings, its reverse lug-pattern outsole will give you traction in the toughest conditions.



Sure footed and flexible on any terrain. The midfoot break allows for a full contact outsole for maximum traction when negotiating that epic trail. The GEL-FujiTrabuco 4 combines all the support and comfort features of a road running shoe but through product innovation we’ve hidden the exterior support within the midsole giving you maximum grip keeping you sure footed and giving you the confidence to power over any terrain.



As every trail runner knows, no two trails are the same. Each stride you take delivers something different, from uneven terrain, to rocks and other debris – it’s all just part of getting off the beaten track. And that’s why the ASICS Twistgel unit is perfect for the runner who likes to take on the harshest environments. Put simply, the Twistgel unit encourages natural movement, absorbing every impact and ensuring you remain comfortable no matter where you tread.


Seamless Quarter Panel

A better fit to battle the conditions. A continuous battle between strength, durability and the perfect fit rages on but with the new generation of ASICS Trail Running shoes we have developed a seemless construction of the front quarter panel. An area of continuous friction and pressure. This removes excess materials and provides a smooth interior surface to reduce rubbing so you can run further and more comfortably, keeping your mind free to enjoy the challenge ahead.