GEL-Kayano 22

The GEL-Kayano 21 is built for the serious runner who experiences mild to moderate over-pronation. Every year the GEL-Kayano raises the bar and this installment is no exception, showcasing the latest and greatest in running footwear technology.

Understand the forces at work

Running produces a force two to three times your bodyweight, which applies when pushing off and landing. Factors like body weight and pronation type further affect the degree of impact. ASICS' road shoes provide the structure, protection and comfort you need to maintain your pace over prolonged periods of time.

Road Shoe Essentials



A combination of different technologies and materials give additional protection from the immense force generated while running.



With Dynamic Duo Max for midsole support and Guidence Trusstic System linking the forefoort and rearfoot, ASICS' road shoes are targeted to supporting various foot strikes on pavement.


Impact Protection

The result of years of intensive analysis of the human body, ASICS' Impact Guidance System provides essential support, comfort and shock absorption through every contact point of your running stride.

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