The GEL-DS Trainer 20

The GEL-DS Trainer 20 is a lightweight, stable and well-cushioned running shoe for over pronators. The shoe has been designed to have minimal stitching and material overlays to keep the overall weight of the shoe down, and to enhance breathability and comfort

Speed running isn't just about getting faster

It’s about getting out of breath, and feeling your muscles burn. It's about pushing your individual limits to elevate your overall performance.



Understand your needs and
achieve success

Your running style changes at increased speeds: your contact with the ground is less, but heavier.  Shoes aligned to your needs are critical to your success, and assessing speed and distance, along with preference and physique, are essential to choosing the right speed shoe for you.


Speed Shoe Essentials



Ride, or rate of heel-to-toe movement, is essential to the speed principle. It affects the energy stored in the body, forward movement, and position of the foot when in contact with the ground.


Lighter shoes increase the efficiency of your body's movements. A heavier shoe with more padding provides essential shock absorption for longer distances, but adds unnecessary weight and bulk for speedwork.


Forward motion is crucial to performance in speedwork and competitions. ASICS' Propulsion Trusstic has been developed specifically to provide greater stability, while propelling runners forward efficiently.