I was wondering how to start writing a blog about the upcoming kid's campaign of the new model ASICS GT-1000™ 11 for a long time ...

The reason was that my "weirdness" was about how and what exactly to tell. To write about the new changes and technology of the next generation of model or just to connect the topic with the emotions we experienced with my boy Toma during our joint photo session with Nia, her son Nikola and our Master photographer Krisoka.

In the end, I decided to tell and describe the emotions that accompanied us not only during the photoshoot with the children, but also the excitement of Tomy back in January, when he realized that he was chosen for professional photo session. And not anywhere, but in Barcelona with 5 other children from the ASICS FrontRunner International family. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we did not leave for Spain in March. The shoes were sent to Bulgaria and we booked the date for photos. As Niycheto said - "Nikola is terribly excited that he was chosen for photos and can't wait to become famous! “.

For 2 months, almost two boxes were stored on the highest shelf of my wardrobe, so as not to tempt children to put them on and get dirty!

The date for photos came, we met with Krisoka at the appointed time and location South Park and the shooting started. The beginning was difficult, especially for Nicky, who was numb and shaken by stage fever. Tomi managed to relax quickly and started posing, jumping, pretending to be a Fortnite hero character who was dancing cruelly and following Krisoka's orders. In the beginning, I just watched and played the role of a tripod talking to the sun and holding a reflective lamella that I aimed at the children. Then I assigned this responsible task to Nia, who, in addition to being a tripod, gave professional advice to a model from Victoria's Secret.

In the end, the photo session was successful! We had a lot of #LiveUplifted, despite my sprained finger dribbling with Tomy's basketball.

Something very emotional happened to me today with an amazing little man in our store in Paradise Mall. The child had a problem with his left foot. It had a wide foot and a high arch due to the shortening of the Achilles' heel. Accordingly, his mother had difficulty finding a sneaker that was suitable for her 10-year-old son, as well as that he liked it and was not a "baby"! We tried the same model I'm telling you about, we took out the insole to see how different it is from everything else on the market, we tied and untied the ties of the orange shoes to show how the GT-1000™ 11 fits right on the foot ... And after all this the boy cried with happiness that he finally had such cool performance shoes and that everyone would secretly envy him for the neon orange color!

So it is right to write some specifics for new GT-1000™ 11:

  1. Stability and support through the DUOMAX™ technology and the LITETRUSS™ support system, which provide safety for energized movements, running and jumping. They are implemented in the middle of the sole without the use of a traditional insole.
  2. Flytefoam™ technology and the added volume of GEL provide cushioning and make the kid feel as if he is stepping into a cloud.

3. The upper part of the shoe is made of technological mesh, which is designed to create a balance between comfort, ventilation and perfect fit on the kid’s foot during growth.

Last but not least, this last generation of ASICS GT-1000 11, created with a special design for children, has a hard rubber outsole and a special support without stiches on the toes to improve the durability of the mesh.

I told you about the emotions that Tomy and I experienced thanks to #ASICS, as well as the technology and specifics of the new generation ASICS GT-1000 ™ 11. But most importantly, as parents we are responsible for our children while we are alive. So, provide the right sneakers for you and your children to avoid problems, deformity of the posture and flatfeet. Wear the right shoes, consult with #ASICS and you will be healthy!

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