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For the launch of the new GEL-QUANTUM 180™ VII sneaker, ASICS combines a futuristic shape with the advanced cushioning technologies of Sctuoid GEL™ technology. The sneaker takes inspiration from the performance-influenced aesthetics of the GEL-QUANTUM 360™ line and features a revamped cushioning system designed to create more underfoot comfort in everyday lifestyle situations.

The upper of the new GEL-QUANTUM 180™ VII shoe blends smooth lines with a jacquard mesh material providing better ventilation and comfort. The design's sleek aesthetic also features smooth lines and fewer layers to create a more adaptable fit and create a modern performance look to elevate any outfit, anywhere.

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The sneakers feature a new midsole that was created and studied by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Japan with the focus on reimagining ASICS' signature GEL™ technology for an everyday lifestyle. The scutoid shape includes a 3D structure that is strategically constructed to improve shock absorption underfoot in various scenarios from exploring the city or exploring new environments. The advanced cushioning feature is paired with a layer of FLYTEFOAM™ cushioning to help keep the shoe's overall weight lighter than previous models, making it the perfect shoe to reach for when you're on the go.

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