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Ease into top gear with ASICS’ women’s fast running shoes. Whether you’re competing in track races or simply want a running shoe which responds to that extra kick, our range of women’s fast running shoes makes it easy to shift from jogging to running to sprinting.

What makes a fast running shoe? You need to look for a lightweight yet durable trainer, with breathable upper mesh to keep you cool, even as you push for the burn. Narrow your search by selecting trainers with highly cushioned soles which eliminate distracting pain as you push faster, and crucially you want a pair with a powerful toe spring to keep you sprinting further.

At ASICS we’re constantly refining our women’s fast running shoes to offer you the most advanced, high-speed and comfortable footwear. When combined with our aerodynamic women’s running clothing and range of running socks and women's accessories, you’ll have everything you need to beat your PB.