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Whether you’re hitting the streets near home or preparing for a long-distance race, you need to know your footwear is going to keep you comfortable, fresh and running farther. ASICS women’s road-running shoes give you the complete, comprehensive shoe for running on hard surfaces, stride after stride, hour after hour.

Running on concrete and tarmac can be tough on your feet and joints, so it’s essential to find appropriate footwear that leaves you comfortable and minimises the risk of pain or injury. At ASICS, we’ve been building state-of-the-art women’s road-running shoes for 70 years, so we know exactly how to create footwear that will keep you comfortable, injury-free and looking good. Our running shoes include GEL cushioning to absorb the impact of hard surfaces and use lightweight materials so you can get into your flow faster and for longer.

Next, match up your shoes with our women’s running clothing to further invigorate your exercise, and browse our women’s running accessories for a complete workout. Ever thought of going off road? Explore our women’s trail running shoes.