Once you know which running style you have, then the only decision left is to find the right ASICS running shoe for you. The most important thing is choosing from the correct category of running shoe depending on your running style.

In the core range, there are three categories of ASICS running shoe. The main difference between these categories is the amount of support the shoes offer.

ASICS Running Shoes - Which Ones Are Right for You?

Cushioning (Neutral Running Shoes)

Cushioning running shoes are generally lightweight and have very few/no motion control features. They are built on a curved last (mould) to encourage faster movement and are great for neutral foot types who weigh less than 13 stone. 

If you are an underpronator (where the foot rolls too far outward) or neutral runner with good natural support, then you’re likely to be best served by a shoe from the ASICS cushioning range.

Read our guide to pronation to find out what pronation type you are and why it matters.

Structured Cushioning 

These shoes offer a good blend of cushioning and motion control features and are usually built on a straight or semi-curved last to provide greater ground contact stability. They offer excellent support but are not as controlling as ASICS maximum support running shoes, making them a good all-rounder. 

If you are a mid/moderate overpronator (when the heel rolls inwards at the end of a step) with poor natural support then you should consider a shoe from the ASICS structured cushioning range. 

Maximum Support (Stability Running Shoes)

This is the most supportive, stable and controlling category of ASICS running shoes, which are designed for excessive pronation. They include the latest technology such as ASICS DUOMAX, with higher density materials on the inner of the midsole to prevent it from collapsing. They are built on a straight last for maximum ground contact stability and tend to have a carbon rubber outer sole for extra durability.

If you are a severe overpronator with very poor natural support then you should buy a shoe from our maximum support range.

Which ASICS running shoe is best for me? 

Within the 3 categories of ASICS running shoes, there is a further choice to be made. There are a number of shoes within each category and they differ in terms of the ASICS technology they include. These systems will benefit your running by making it more comfortable and improving your efficiency, but your decision should also take into account personal factors such as price and design.

The ASICS technologies to look out for include:

  • FLUIDRIDE - Reduces strain and improves performance by incorporating rebound and shock absorption into a lightweight shoe.  
  • DUOMAX - Reduces stress on the foot caused by overpronation and provides extra support for a more comfortable run.
  • HEEL CLUTCHING SYSTEM - Improves the fit between the heel and the shoe by restricting displacement to enhance stability and performance. 
  • SpEVA - Enhances performance by improving rebound by 20% and transfers energy absorbed from the impact to the next step.  
  • SOLYTE - This material is half the weight of the EVA sponges typically used in marathon and racing shoes. It delivers 20% more shock absorption while keeping the shoe lightweight for optimum performance. 
  • TRUSSTIC - TRUSSTIC technology reinforces the midsole to support stable movements and prevent the shoe from twisting. 
  • AHAR - This outer sole material provides enhanced abrasion resistance to improve the durability of the shoes while maintaining an excellent grip.

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