So why do I run?

1. You get a beautiful tan in summer ... but in the shape of your running kit. White sock marks are SEXY, right? Hello? Anyone ...?

(Photo caption: I have the biggest white sock marks!)

2. With all the miles you run, you earn the calories to drink gallons of cider ... but you can’t drink cider as you have a 6am run the next morning and the thought of doing it with a hangover is hideous. It's hard work being a dedicated fun runner. Sulk.

3. Your legs have never looked better ... but your feet have never looked worse.

(Photo Caption: After 87 miles of running in heat at Thunder Run 24hr event. "Cankles are sexy, right?")

4. You FEEL great after your lunchtime run ... but you LOOK terrible. Hastily brushed shower hair is horrific. As is bright-red-shower-face. Both are my standard post-lunch look. No idea why my desk is the one in the corner tucked away behind the big filing cabinet where no-one important can see me.

5. You’re in the best shape of your life from all the running ... but your race photos STILL look horrendous.

(Photo Caption: You can rely on me for truly awful race photos. I DID win the sprint finish though.)

6. You get to run secret trails and find amazing views at the top of hills ... but you’re too busy checking the pace on your Garmin and trying not to vomit from having made yourself run up the hill.

7. You get to buy new shoes. LOTS of new shoes ... But they’ll ALL have laces, rubber soles and smell like a dying kipper.

(Photo Caption: But look how nice they are)

8. You have enough technology on your wrist to power a small spaceship ... but all you use it for is to be tough on yourself up about why you didn’t run up that hill a bit faster. Stupid hills.

(Photo Caption: "HOW MUCH for a treadmill?")

9. You’re saving money as you're not going out and not drinking ... but you're spending it all on trainers and socks that you'll have to replace within 3 months.

10. You know the EXACT pace you have to run to get a sub-20 5k ... but you still can’t bloody do it.

written by

Sarah Booker

Emergency Services from Midlands

Age group: 40-44
Club: Rugby Triathlon Club, Northbrook AC,
Coach: Chris Weeks

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