Is your New Years resolution to hit the gym? Here's a couple of things you should know before taking the plunge...
10 Tips for your First Trip to the Gym!
  1. The first and most important piece of information I can give you is this; NOBODY IS LOOKING AT YOU. Trust me when I say that 99% of the folks you see upon entering the gym are far more interested in themselves.
  2. If someone is using a piece of equipment that you need to use, walk up and ask if you can work in with them. Most of the time they’ll tell you that they only have one set left.
  3. If you spot a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell on the floor (as opposed to in its rightful place on the rack) be sure to check whether it is being used as part of a circuit before you use it.
  4. If you’re unsure about performing a particular exercise, ask a member of staff to ensure you’re using correct form. If you need a spot, ask anyone in the vicinity but stipulate your terms for the spot. For example: ‘Please do not touch the bar until I say so.’
  5. Wash your gym gear. Nothing is more infuriating than a body odour filled gym.
  6. Grunting. Just don’t.
  7. Film your lifts. If you do not have a coach there is no better way of quickly establishing how good your form is. Don’t be afraid to ask a gym member to do this for you if there is nowhere to rest your phone.
  8. Go up and talk to the scariest looking person in the gym. Trust me, they’re probably one of the nicest and you will automatically feel more comfortable in your surroundings.
  9. If you’re concerned about walking into a packed gym, start by training at off-peak hours.
  10. If you sweat on any piece of equipment, wipe it off
written by

Peter Stables

Strength & Conditioning Coach from Bath

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