What do I want from a sports bra? I want to not have to think about it. I want it to keep me supported, comfortable and chafe-free. And to to occupy no space in my mind when I’m exercising.

I have this bra in a couple of colours – the style suits me and the type of exercise I want to do. I get no chafing, no unexpected escapages (!) and I know it’s not going to move once it’s on. The bra comes in a variety of colours and prints so if you want it to be a discrete under-the top bra then you choose the discrete colour to suit. Alternatively, if you want to layer it with other colours or wear it as a standalone crop top, you can.



Good for

I have a couple of these bras in a bright orange colour. Great for running - not had any issues or chafing and they keep everything where it should be. They are quite thick so do get quite damp if you sweat a lot but not had any issues with chafing or movement even with this. I'd buy these bras again.


Designed for effective ventilation when training and running, this bra features laser-cut details at the chest for improved air circulation, while the reflective ASICS branding supports visibility in low-light conditions.Las...


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Sarah Booker

Emergency Services from Midlands

Age group: 40-44
Club: Rugby Triathlon Club, Northbrook AC,
Coach: Chris Weeks

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