The grippiest trail shoe to date, the ASICS FujiTrabuco 7
Regretting that extra dessert from this morning

It took a while, but eventually we got there in the end. I had been through a few pairs of ASICS trail shoes earlier last year to find one that would work for me, these included the FujiRado, Gecko-XT before eventually being introduced to the FujiTrabuco 6-GTX. Each had it’s own characteristics, but with the FujiTrabuco, I felt it was the one I could trust in the toughest of mountainous terrains. It was eventually my ‘go to race shoe' as I ran, trained and completed the UTMB and the Autumn 100 in them. 

Sweats and the City

When it was announced the FujiTrabuco 7 was to be released, it got my attention. It wasn’t the Gore-Tex (G-TX) model I was used in the FujiTrabuco 6, so this meant I would be getting my feet a bit more wet with the new model. The first glaringly obvious difference was the new grip. Gone was the old style that was also used in the Gecko XT and in comes ASICSGrip, giving the sole a much more aggressive and bigger multi-directional lugs.


Elephant Mountain, accessible trails from the city
Elephant Mountain, accessible trails from the city


With the new grip system, it was begging to be test driven in the mountains. So, a train ride to the Lakes, UK was locked into the diary. Whenever a trip is planned to the Lake District, it is normally a given that there will be rain and bad weather, so, it’s exactly what’s needed for this test. We did a two day run in the rain, mud and did some climbs, everything felt great about it. The fit, control, the grip, it was to me what I can only describe as flawless. Having test driven it for the two days, I decided it was going to be my shoe for ‘The 9 Dragons Ultra’, Hong Kong the following week. A two day ultra trail event on the toughest trails in Hong Kong, read the Race Report here. 

Rocking it in Taiwan

Good : 



'Taipei 101', the tallest building in Taiwan 510 meters

Although slightly heavier than the previous edition, the transition to the FujiTrabuco 7 was seamless. The shoe felt very familiar immediately upon wearing it. Personally, the new ASICSGrip and Rearfoot Gel shock absorption is the main standout feature of this edition. Also, it was nice that the pocket lacing system retained in the design. Having worn in 500 miles in the space of 6 months in the FujiTrabuco 6, the structure of the shoe is still holding up well, I feel there could be a few more hundred of miles in them. My plan is to race the Dragon's Back (Wales) and Sierra Nevada  (Spain) in the FujiTrabuco 7 as from the experience of wearing the 6, it's tried and tested for it's durability as well as being a more than reliable race shoe in the toughest of terrains.

I’m a size UK 7 / EU 40, have narrow feet and pronate. Items in this Kit Review was gifted by ASICS Europe.

Photo Location, Elephant Mountain, Taipei, Taiwan. 

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