We are all in this together right?

Around the world races have all pretty much dropped off the spring calendar due to the coronavirus. One by one they have either been postponed to later in the year or written off until 2021. Whilst the race cancellations and banning of mass gatherings is warranted for the health of the public, the running community are still mourning the loss of their goal races that they've spent months training and preparing for.

As a coach, I have been helping most of my athletes prepare for a spring marathon which was only weeks away for most of them, but since the cancellations, I have found myself working more as a mental coach than a physical coach.

With this in mind these have been my recommendations:

I hope these thoughts help, remember running is a lifelong sport, and the daily process of movement is what matters. Training can sometimes feel self-absorbed so maybe we can take this opportunity to zoom out and practise being more selfless. 

Stay safe 

written by

Holly Rush

ASICS UK Frontrunner Community Manager from Bradford on Avon

Age group: 40-45

Club: Avon Valley Runners

Coach: Alan Storey

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