This week I started collating some frequently asked questions about the ASICS FrontRunner team ahead of the 2019 applications opening in February (and we will be publishing a blog on this in the coming weeks so sit tight). Some questions that came up time and time again related to people questioning if they were eligible or even a ‘real runner’ because they only ran X distance or X pace, or hadn’t done a marathon, or were new to running.

It really shocked me that people doubted themselves and their ability because I truly believe that if you run you are a runner! And here’s why….

If you put a pair of trainers on and go for a run, you are a runner, because you are running. It really is that simple, and do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

If you started doing this last week, last month, last year, ten years ago, fifty years ago you are a runner. Big up to the newbies, those of you sticking with it, those who started and became hooked, and those of you who are crazy enough to do it for years. Welcome to the running community!

If you run once a month, once a week, four times a week or more, you are a runner because you ran, well done for getting out there! It isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it!

If you run 1 mile you are a runner, if you run 100 miles you are a runner. You are not defined by your distance, do not compare yourself to anyone else because you are unique and that is what makes you special. Everyone is welcome in the running community whether you’re working towards your first 5k or you’re tackling your 50th marathon or some other crazy challenge. Everyone’s goals and ambitions are different and that is what makes the running world so diverse. It would be mighty dull if we were all the same.  

Similarly, you are a runner regardless of the pace you run! Whether it takes you 20 minutes to run 5k or 40 minutes to run 5k you still ran 5k! Pace is personal, it is based on so many factors. One person’s pace can vary day to day, so it won’t come as a shock that different people will run at different paces. It is all relative.

If you run without tech you’re a runner. Yup you know you CAN survive without your watch or without a certain app! I know it might feel like, if it’s not recorded did it happen, but if you ran, guess what, you RAN. Do it for you, not for fear of anyone looking at your stats, and don’t start comparing yourself to other runners, or obsessing over their stats, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Whether you run on the roads, hit the trails or workout on the treadmill. Guesssss what…. You’re a runner! However which way you get a run done it’s a run, congratulations!

And, I’ll let you in on a secret… you don’t just have to run to be a runner! WHAT?! I hear you say? Yes you can run and cycle, that means you’re a runner and a cyclist (or maybe you’re a duathlete if you’re crazy enough to do both together). You can run and enjoy going to the gym, you can run and enjoy yoga, or dancing, or swimming, you get the picture. You’re still a runner!

So, there you go, if you run you’re a runner. No ifs, not buts, no exceptions. Happy running you beautiful bunch of runners!

written by

Becca Burns

Envrionmental Research from London

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