​ 2018 was my year of experimentation. A year, my first full year of walking, to see where I wanted to take my life and career. With incredible opportunities taken and awesome teams joined, the 2018 season is almost at its end. So with that in mind, where do I see my plans heading for 2019?

More Focus on Sport-Specific Training

In 2019, I will be showing more focuses on my sports. With training more aimed at improving my specific sports, instead of general fitness, I hope to significantly improve my running ability and Judo technical skills.

With this winter being the first ever winter to have the ability to run, I hope to increase my speed for running and gain some strength for the upcoming season.

One of my main goals for 2019 is to find a coach who is able to support me in my journey to progression.

More Balance

With multiple international trips, including Germany, America, Ireland, Nepal and Africa, I have missed out on vital time with my partner and family. In the 2019 season, I aim to cut down on my international events but train hard to ensure that I am still on track for great results. The time that I save through travelling with be spent concentrating on inspiring the next generation. Through my speeches, talks and conferences, i’ll be reaching out to even more individuals.

Event Line-Ups

These are the events that i’m preparing for in the 2019 season:

I’m sure as the season commences, more opportunities for races will open however 2019 is really the time for me to take a step back, race less, train more and progress at a rate that I haven’t before.

written by

Jamie Gane

Teacher of Mathematics from Basingstoke

Age group: 25-29

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