ASICS FujiTrabuco Pro

Early in June 2019, ASICS announced it would be adding the 'ASICS FujiTrabuco Pro' to their trail lineup. And yes, it's a fast trail shoe as it is the lightest in its trail shoe range. 

Being a big fan of the 'ASICS FujiTrabuco', I was caught by surprise that a new model had already been announced. I inspected the shoe in detail and noticed the design was one of a completely different shoe. First impression of the design, there was a very familiar look to the shoe. The distinctive inbuilt sock that was once used in the 'ASICS Gel FujiRenegade 2' has now been adopted in the design. This was a great feature to have back as the sock acted as an inbuilt gaiter to keep debris and dirt out of the shoe. The 'ASICS FujiTrabuco Pro' therefore is definitely not a replacement to the 'ASICS FujiTrabuco', more of a little brother. 

Having received a pair to review during my rest after the 'Dragons Back Race', I had to fight hard to resist the urge to take them out for a spin as it would have undone my 2 week recovery. After waiting eagerly to end my rest period, I hopped on a train, headed down to Box Hill, England for a 20km 600m elevation test drive. It had been raining for a few days consecutively making it the perfect terrain for testing.

A quick check and tug at the 'Fast Lacing' system just before starting the run. The fast lacing system is the first time this has been introduced to the ASICS trail running range, it's a pulley mechanism that tightens and loosens the lacing. I rolled up the excess lacing and tucked it away to avoid twigs or branches from catching on to the lace. Time to go!

On the muddy single track trails, no problems, behaves exactly what a trail shoe should do. However once we got to the ups and downs on harder greasier chalky surfaces, that's where I had to slam the brakes on and jump onto rougher surfaces on the track to ensure I didn't slip and end up doing my own stunts. I witnessed a few other runner face the same issue so it was assuring that it wasn't the shoe at fault.




It was a massive relief that the 'ASICS FujiTrabuco Pro' wasn't a replacement for the 'ASICS FujiTrabuco 7'. It's the shoe that I have been waiting for a long time for, lightweight, fast, fun and we got it. The shoe performs very well on the softer grounded summer trails and has great handling and control on the surfaces that are less technical and more compact. I would definitely recommend this shoe for the speed demons of the trails and also would highly recommend this for anyone making the transition to trail running. 

As for me I will carry on using my 'ASICS FujiTrabuco 7' for the more gnarlier and technical terrains. The lugs on the 'ASICS 'FujiTrabuco Pro' is noticeably a lot gentle and less aggressive. For that reason, it will definitely be my go to trail shoe on the compact trails. 

I’m a size UK 7 / EU 40, have narrow feet and pronate. Items in this Kit Review was gifted by ASICS Europe.

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The reliable FUJITRABUCO™ PRO trail running shoe for men by ASICS is designed to provide adventurers with the support and confidence they need to tackle any trail in their way. Featuring a porous mesh upper, the FUJITRABUCO...


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