Creating a morning routine designed to prepare your body and mind for the day ahead is well worth doing. Plan ahead, find what works for you and make it your own.

Search for ‘morning routine ideas’ online and you’ll be presented with an endless list of articles and suggestions. But the truth is no one can tell you what constitutes the perfect morning routine for you but you. I once read that 4-5am is the most productive time but it didn’t work for me; by dinner time I just ended up faceplanting in my spag bol.

Almost every list promotes meditation, journalling and gratitude practice and whilst these can most definitely contribute to a relaxing start to your day, they don’t work for everybody simply because many of us find it difficult to keep them up. Me, for one.

Therefore, the best morning routine is the one that's perfectly tailored to you.

For example, preparing a good breakfast is often mentioned. I like overnight oats for breakfast, simply because I can prepare it the night before. I loathe cooking and if that was part of my morning routine I’d dread it. So I tailor the breakfast advice to suit me. 

So this is what you should do too.

So let me share the morning habits that work for me and see if there’s any in there that resonate with you. Do I do these every morning? No. I find if I aim for three mornings a week, I can pretty much pull that off.

Whatever you decide, do it for more than a month. When I implement a new morning habit I’ve found that I rarely notice many benefits until around the middle of the second month.

For me to have a successful morning, almost all the work is done the evening before.

I really don’t want to make too many decisions in the morning and if I’ve already set things up, then there’s little resistance to getting going with my morning habits.

There are three main things I do the evening before:

  1. Write Down 3 Things I want to accomplish the next day-I ask myself the question “What should I be focusing on?”
  2. Prepare Breakfast
  3. Lie Out Clothes

I can honestly waste huge chunks of time in the morning trying to decide what to wear, even if I’m simply heading out for a run! For some reason I struggle and keep changing my mind. So by making a pile of clothes in the bedroom ready to step into, its already taken care of.

Alarm Clock

I am a morning person. I would happily crawl into bed before 9pm every night and YET I do find it so very difficult to haul myself out of bed in the morning. So a good ploy for me is to place my alarm clock (which is my phone) out of reach so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. It’s all so much easier to start my morning routine rolling from that moment on.

Water First

Although I’m craving coffee I make sure to drink hot water and lemon whilst I’m waiting for the coffee to be ready. Remembering to drink enough is one of my constant downfalls so this way it means I get started with hydrating straight off.

Child’s Pose and Pigeon Pose

On days when I’m really into my morning routine, I’ll do a couple of yoga poses too. During lockdown I’ve been following online Pilates classes and I have two favourite poses which are sure to relax me; the child’s pose and the pigeon pose.

Sea and Sunrise

Probably my favourite morning ritual of all though, which completely sets me up for the whole day is a sunrise dip in the sea. I can’t always get there but when I do there’s no other word for it but-glorious. Wading into the sea at sunrise is one of the most mind blowing experiences.

I’ve already mentioned my struggle to get out of bed early and my sea dips were becoming later and later in the day but then ASICS launched their Sunrise Mind campaign, encouraging everyone to move at sunrise and capture the positive impact of movement on their mind with a sunrise selfie. It was the push I needed to get myself out there early again.

Try watching the sunrise and note how it makes you feel. For me, I feel a surge of hope, possibility, a deep sense of peace and the feeling that all will be well.

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