Asics Night track collection is a great addition to make sure you’re seen and stay safe whilst running at dusk or in the dark.

The Night track collection is a great addition to make sure you’re seen and stay safe whilst running at dusk or in the dark.  Each item is highly reflective with katakana illuminating to 300 candle power.
Here’s what I thought of the ladies Night Track collection;

Night track ladies jacket

The night track jacket has great reflective designs on the arms for visibility in low light conditions whether its during the early morning or evening run. The design of the reflective flashes are very artistic, its a great looking jacket and keeps you seen in the dark.

The ladies slimline fit is a fit I really like, it has a stretchy back panel which is a great feature so that the curved fit is never too tight if you layer up underneath.

For me it is as lightweight as a long sleeve, so this jacket is great for the milder days and also when you want to get some faster work in. It's great as that extra layer and has front zip pockets that will hold keys, gels, tissues, gloves - whatever you need.

Night track ladies ss top

The night track short sleeve top is super light and breathable. The light material is soft on the skin and it's very quick drying with its moisture wicking material which makes runs more comfortable.

The reflective design on the front of the top is really funky and lights up well in low light conditions. It is a great safety design especially if you do many of your runs near roads or in built up areas.

For me this is also a great top for training on the track as its so lightweight and fits nicely under the night track jacket.  

Night track ladies tights

The night track tights are super comfy, the thicker waistband holds you in nicely and keeps the tights in place as you run. The reflective features are subtle in daylight but give high visibility at dusk and night to keep you safe on those dark early morning or evenings runs.

They have a lovely silky feel to them inside and out and are perfect for any activity.  I have worn these tights for running, walking on the coast and also on the bike.  They have been great for all these activities and stay in position for all types of movement.

The only downside for me with the tights is that the pocket at the back of the waistband doesn't have a zip, so I haven't chanced putting my car or house  keys inside it when out running, but it could hold many other items instead such as a gel or two if out doing marathon miles.

Overall the comfort and fit for me is excellent, especially the wider waistband which keeps them in place and also hides any extra rolls I've gained over Christmas.

Night track ladies shorts

The night track shorts are something I usually wouldn’t go for in a pair of shorts. I would usually wear the Lycra hot pant types for running and the gym too.

These shorts surprised me as they are so comfortable especially the wider waistband that keeps the lower tummy tucked in and the light material is soft on the skin.

The shorts have a reflective design front and back which is great for being seen in the dark and I love the cut - slightly longer at the back and shorter at the front.

For me these are a great pair of shorts for any distance and they’ve also been great for the gym too as they have inside pants.  I’ve run in these on the road, track and along the beach, they have felt comfortable and very light weight.

The only downside for me is that the back waistband pocket doesn’t have a zip like the night track tights, but this doesn’t put me off as they are a super wee pair of shorts.

written by

Kerry O'Flaherty

Athlete / P.E Teacher / Sports Massage Therapist from Ireland

Age group: 38

Club: Newcastle AC / WSEH

Coach: Richard Rodgers

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