Will you be the first person to complete one hundred burpees in five minutes?
Burpee Challenge

We all know the burpee. It is a tough, military-style movement designed to illicit a feeling not dissimilar to a hard rep session when performed quickly and for high reps (Be warned, these are FULL PRESS UP BURPEES. If you are unable to perform these, you may begin by using a ‘no press up’ variation of the burpee and then practicing your full press ups separately)

Accomplishing 100 of these nasty lung burners in 5 minutes means holding a 1 Burpee every 3 second pace or better for 5 minutes.

The burpee challenge starts with doing 3 sets of 10 in under 30 seconds per set (1 rep every three seconds) with about a minute recovery between sets. Once you can do that increase to 3x15 in under 45 seconds, then 3x20 in under 60 seconds, 3x25 in under 75 seconds, then go 2x30, 2x35, 2x40, 2x45, then 1x50, long as you can maintain a pace of 1 rep every three seconds.

The idea here is consistency, working towards a goal over time. This is something that can be trained daily, as in 7 days per week.

The effect that this challenge will have on your anaerobic fitness, body composition and overall mental health will be invaluable during a time when many of us are on ‘lockdown’.

Progress is something we all need to see, whether running or lifting or in life in general. So, here is my challenge to you…

Become the first person to perform 100 burpees in five minutes. Share your progress on social media with the hashtags #burpeechallenge #socialdistancing #SoundmindSoundbody #keepmoving. #untiedyetunited

written by

Peter Stables

Strength & Conditioning Coach from Bath

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