Parkrun takeovers despite the storms and a casual 6,980 lunges by one of our crazy team mates.


Well done all the Parkrunners at the weekend! Lovely seeing all your photos, IG stories and videos (check out Chimzy’s) Melanie Ellis, Brian Bowden, Jenna Wilkinson, Chimzy, Rachel Diver, Alan Li, James Shoulder, Jarnail Singh Thind and Danny O'Reilly, Livvy Mason and Hayley Woolnough.

Huge congratulations to Victoria Stears winning the Howletts 5K - in 22.28

Rey Smart ran around 4:15 for Marathon Nice Cannes 

Mel also raced the Northern XC yesterday as well as organised the northern parkrun meet up 

Alan Li and Aléchia Van Wyk both races the Maverick night race

Fergus Crawley only went and lunged 6,890ms to represent the 6,890 suicides in the UK last year in 4hr 52 ⏰. He still has two challenges to go. Please check out his FB for more info and how you can donate.