Join Us in Running Around the World in 10 Days! - 40,075 km, the distance around Earth at the equator.

We know that women today face a great deal of stress and pressure in everyday life. We also know that movement has the power to relieve stress and uplift the mind. Therefore, we want encourage women to get-together behind this one goal and support each other along the way - all around the world. No matter where you are, there is a sunrise - a symbol of hope.

Join the #ThisIsForMe Run to celebrate movement for women and carry a message of hope and positivity around the world. Share the positive impact that running has on your mind by using #ThisIsForMe & #SunriseMind on your social channels and mentioning @asicsfrontrunner.



A virtual running challenge to cover a total of 40,075 km in 10 days, Open for all women.


Challenge participants are asked to:

- Go to the to register on the event page for the #ThisIsForMe Run.

- You must enter the distance you covered manually. Please also upload a photo/screenshot of your device (e.g GPS-watch) displaying the distance. (From the 8th of March)

- After you’re done, share the positive impact that running has on your mind by using #ThisIsForMe & #SunriseMind on Instagram and mentioning us @asicsfrontrunner


- Registration: Each runner can register from March 1 to March 17 (including).

- Activation: The #ThisIsForMe Run starts on March 8 and will last for 10 days.

· There's no limit on number of uploaded runs per participant

· There is no entry fee

· After your registration you will receive a confirmation email

And remember: Everyone’s a winner. There’s a final ranking based on the total distance!