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My Disciplines
Marathon 10 KM Half marathon

About me

Started running after moving to London to explore the city in another way than by bus or tube. Also signed up for a marathon, that gave me the extra push to run further. I loved it! Nowadays, you still see me running the streets in London, chasing beautiful architecture, nice views or looking for paths next to water. But not only in London, I take my running shoes with me wherever I go! From exploring London to exploring everywhere!

My biggest achievements

That I went all in and signed up for a marathon in 3 months when I even couldn't finish 1k without pausing. The marathon wasn't fast, wasn't without challenges but it was FUN!

My personal records

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My next goals and projects

After recovering from my pituitary haemorrhage, in 2021 I want to build up fitness again so that I’m physically fit and strong enough to go for long runs

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
08.04.2018 Marathon Rome Marathon
20.05.2018 Hackney half Half marathon
28.05.2018 Vitality 10,000 10K
15.07.2018 British 10K 10K
07.10.2018 Oxford Half Marathon Half marathon 02:06:51
10.03.2019 The Vitality Big Half Half marathon 02:28:14
07.04.2019 Manchester marathon Marathon 05:04:04
08.06.2019 Race to the tower Trail marathon Finished
21.07.2019 ASICS 10k 10k pacing 1:17:30
01.09.2019 Shompole Marathon Kenya Half marathon Finished
25.07.2021 ASICS London 10K 10K Upcoming

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