Jonathan Kenneally

IT Manager from Cork

Club: St Catherines AC

My Disciplines
Half marathon Marathon 10 KM Olympic distance triathlon

About me

I love to be active. I used to play Gaelic Football before I dislocated my shoulder and that got me into cycling, running and then swimming. Ever since you will find me on the roads or in the pool trying to improve. Outside of sport I am lucky to have a very understanding wife who knows any holidays ends up having a race, and son who entertains me on a daily basis. My day job is in IT. If I don't know the answer, google does.

My biggest achievements

Some of my biggest achievements have been getting others into running and helping them progress and go on to better things such as my brother and wife. After getting my brother into running he now has surpassed me and it is great to see where he has went with his hard work and dedication. Completing 5 marathons and 3 half ironmans have been the biggest sporting challenges and hope to add them over the next few years. This year I completed my first 10km swim.

My personal records

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My blog posts

My next goals and projects

2022 Goals are to return to Marathon and Half Ironman distance and target PBs. Dublin Marathon will be the A race but many shorter races will be targetted during the buildup

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
25.02.2018 Brighton Half Marathon Road Running 1:41:46
31.03.2018 Tallow 5km Road running 00:19:32
02.04.2018 Munster Club Championship 4 mile Road Running 00:25:21
29.04.2018 Cobh 10 Mile Road Running 01:09:24
03.06.2018 Cork Marathon Relay Leg 1 (7.7km) Road Running 00:29:59
09.06.2018 Schull Sprint Triathlon 01:21:48
10.06.2018 Rebel Plunge 3.8km Downstream Swim Open Water Swimming 00:48:06
14.06.2018 Coolagown 5km Road Running 00:18:27
30.06.2018 Lee Swim 2km Open Water Swimming 00:35:17
11.07.2018 Blackwater Aquathon (750 swim/6km run) Aquathon 00:37:07
14.07.2018 Great Blackwater 3.5km Swim Open Water Swimming 00:49:17
21.07.2018 Jailbreak Olympic Triathlon Triathlon 02:21:50
12.08.2018 Dublin Rock N Roll Half Road Running 01:32:31
26.08.2018 Clonmel Half Marathon Road Running 01:38:52
08.09.2018 Greenway Half Marathon Road Running 01:27:32
15.09.2018 Dungarvan Olympic Tri Triathlon 02:35:02
23.09.2018 Chareville Half Marathon Road Running 01:35:05
30.09.2018 Cork to Cobh 15 mile Road Running 01:51:45
28.10.2018 Dublin Marathon Road Running 03:23:36
11.11.2018 Las Vegas Half Marathon Road Running 01:30:15
09.12.2018 East Cork Cross Country Championship Cross Country 00:24:36
13.01.2019 BHAA FMC 5km Road Running 00:19:44
10.02.2019 Barcelona Half Road Running 01:34:10
10.03.2019 Killarney 10km (9.6km in the end) Road Running 00:38:40
18.03.2019 Cork Road Championships 4 mile Road running 00:24:57
31.03.2019 UCC 10km Road Running 00:39:05
20.04.2019 Locha Lua Half Marathon Road Running 01:35:37
02.05.2019 Midleton 5 mile Road Running 00:31:42
16.05.2019 Cheetah Run 5k Road Running 00:18:37
02.06.2019 Cork Marathon Relay Leg 1 (5.1 miles) Road Running 00:31:55
08.06.2019 Schull Sprint Triathlon 01:23:25
13.06.2019 Coolagown 5k Road Running 00:18:22
29.06.2019 Hell of the West Standard Triathlon 02:40:50
21.07.2019 London 10k Road Running Pacing 00:44:45
27.07.2019 King of the Hill Sprint Triathlon 01:23:04
11.08.2019 Blackwater Standard Distance Triathlon 02:17:11
31.08.2019 Lost Sheep Middle Distance Triathlon 05:56:28
15.09.2019 Charleville Half Marathon Road Running 01:29:25
06.10.2019 Cork to Cobh 15 mile Road Running 01:53:02
27.10.2019 Dublin Marathon Road Running 03:26:03
08.12.2019 East Cork Cross Country Cross Country 00:26:14
01.03.2020 CIT 5km Road Running 00:18:57
20.08.2020 East Cork Club Championship 5 mile Road Running 00:32:35
19.09.2020 Allihies 5 Mile Road Running 00:33:20
20.09.2020 East Cork Cross Country Championship Cross Country 00:25:28
27.09.2020 Mallow Sprint Tri Triathlon 01:17:39
03.09.2021 Cloyne 5km Road Running 00:18:59
11.09.2021 Dungravan Sprint Tri Triathlon 01:31:12
18.09.2021 Hock or By Crook Sprint Triathlon 01:23:31
26.09.2021 Mallow Sprint Tri Triathlon 01:22:35
23.10.2021 Valentia Island 10km Road Running 00:40:56
14.11.2021 Thomas Kent 10km Road Running 00:39:25
31.12.2021 Fermoy 10km Road Running 00:41:25
06.02.2022 Dungarvan 10 Mile Road Running 01:05:36
18.03.2022 Cork Road Championships 4 Mile Road Running 00:24:22
10.04.2022 Brighton 10km Road Running 00:38:29
17.05.2022 John Buckley 5km Road Running 00:17:56
30.10.2022 Dublin Marathon Road Running Upcoming

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