Jarnail Singh

Construction from London

Club: Run Dem Crew (Track East,Chasinglights Collectives)

My Disciplines
Fitness Strength training 10 KM Half marathon Marathon

About me

I'm Jarnail Singh and known as The Mighty Singh in running community. I was raised in a spiritual and meditative background along with physical activities. I used to play different sports at school and college levels such as Cricket, basketball, and martial arts. I work in construction as a Crane Supervisor and studying Health & Safety Executive Course part-time. My Hobbies are photography (and to learn more about cameras for still and video) and traveling, gym, etc.

My biggest achievements

Staring running in 2017 and running events in Jan 2018, Getting involved with running communities and being the face of Asics- I Move London Relay is the biggest achievement for me. Afterward, I got privileged to be part of other campaigns i.e being community champion of London and face of The Big Half marathon and invited to join Charities those are involved in mental health issues (male suicide prevention) etc

My personal records

Record 10KM


Record Half marathon


Record Marathon


My blog posts

My next goals and projects

At least 2 Marathons in 2022

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
10.03.2019 The Big Half Half Marathon 01:57:41
24.03.2019 London Landmarks Half Half Marathon 01:56:36
28.04.2019 London Marathon Marathon 05:54:28
19.05.2019 Hackney Half Marathon Half Marathon 2:18
26.05.2019 Westminster Mile 1 Mile 07:13
27.05.2019 Vitality 10000 London 10k 55:44
14.07.2019 City Run Shoreditch 10K 52.45
21.07.2019 Asics 10k London 10k 1 hour Pacer 59:45
08.09.2019 The Great North Run Half Marathon 02:11:17
22.09.2019 Ragnar Relay 177 Miles Relay
29.09.2019 Ealing Half Marathon Half Marathon 02:30
13.10.2019 Oxford Half Marathon Half Marathon Pacer 02:45:00
31.10.2019 London Halloween Run 5k 25:41
17.11.2019 Fulham City Run 10k 54:45
11.12.2019 Chase The Moon Run 5k 26:30
09.02.2020 London Winter 10K 10K Cancelled
16.02.2020 East London Half Half Marathon Cancelled
01.03.2020 The Big Half London Half Marathon
05.07.2020 ASICS London 10k 10k
25.04.2021 The Big Half Half Marathon
16.05.2021 Hackney Half Half Marathon
24.07.2021 ASICS London 10K 10K
27.02.2022 Wokingham Half Half Marathon
27.03.2022 Cardiff Half Half Marathon
10.04.2022 Brighton Marathon Marathon

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