Karen Guttridge

Small business owner from Ringwood

Age group: 60-64

My Disciplines
10 KM Ultra marathon Ultra trail run Strength training

About me

I came to running late in life. I did a couple of 10Ks in my early forties and loved it but then I let life get in the way. When I hit 50 it was my doctor who suggested 'a bit of running' when the menopause kicked in and I was showing signs of slightly reduced bone density and suffering from anxiety (I had no idea it was very common during menopause!) It's been the best thing I ever did. Running can literally be lifesaver during these turbulent years and you'll meet the best friends ever!

My biggest achievements

In life it is my amazing children and in the running world I am most proud of the incredible achievements of the women in my Facebook group. They often join the group full of fear and doubting their abilities and after support and encouragement go on to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. I am so proud of them.I also feel a great sense of achievement about the book I have written 'Running Like a Wrinkly' to inspire women over 40 to get out there and start running.

My personal records

Record 10KM



5K 00:28:56

My blog posts

My next goals and projects

I am notorious for wanting to run everything-every race is so enticing to me! However, I end up spreading myself too thinly and not really achieving much at all. (Though I can't discount the fun of doing lots of different events-there's always that!) Anyway, I've decided to go for a totally different approach and narrow my focus right down. I want a Boston Qualifier time and I'm aiming all my efforts towards knocking down my marathon time. One training cycle, one marathon. That's me :)

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Recent and upcoming events

Date Event Discipline Age group Time
22.05.2022 Austrian Women's 10K 10K 60-64
29.05.2022 Edinburgh Half Marathon Half Marathon 60-64
26.06.2022 Southport Half Marathon Half Marathon 60-64
10.07.2022 ASICS 10K 10K 60-64
25.09.2022 Berlin Marathon Marathon 60-64 Upcoming
23.10.2022 Beyond New Forest Trail 16K 60-64 Upcoming
14.05.2023 Leeds Marathon Marathon 60-64 Upcoming

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