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by Hayley Woolnough / Aug. 05, 2022

Comfortable, durable, and fast, the FUJISPEED shoe functional for longer distances on the trails is how ASICS describes this shoe.

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GEL-NOOSA Tri 14 Review

by Yiannis Christodoulou / Aug. 02, 2022

As an ASICS Frontrunner from the UK team, ASICS kindly gifted me a pair of the new GEL-NOOSA Tri 14 to try and test out so here is my personal review. This was a shoe I was keen to try out and was very looking forward to getting it and putting it through its paces. I wasn’t keen at all with the NOOSA until I used the12s a few years back and then I was very impressed by them and even more impressed by the 13s. The 12s changed my opinion of the shoe as before I wasn’t sure if this type of shoe was

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