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Meet the ASICS GEL Kayano 26, the next milestone in the GEL Kayano evolution. As one of the most popular lines of stability running shoes in history, the GEL Kayano running shoes are continually being updated and improved as we learn more from cutting edge biomechanics, explore the possibilities of new materials and receive invaluable feedback from you, the global running community. 


If you’ve owned a pair of ASICS GEL Kayano running shoes before, you’ll be familiar with the line’s luxurious levels of GEL technology in the rear and front foot, impeccable heel clutching system for additional guidance and clever use of foams for lightweight pronation correction. The midsole also contains FLYTEFOAM and FLYTEFOAM Propel technology for high-energy bounceback.  We’ve packed the latest update with a contemporary aesthetic, a jacquard mesh upper for excellent air circulation and SpEVA 45 lasting for high cushioning. 


For the ASICS Gel Kayano 26 update, we’ve innovated with additional reinforcement in the upper and introduced our unique TRUSSTIC system and DUOMAX midsole which are enhanced to make these shoes even more dependable and comfortable. 

The GEL Kayano running shoes are all about long distance running on hard surfaces and provide the combination of comfort and flexibility you need to keep building up the miles. For advice on finding the right running shoes for your running style, use the ASICS shoe finder tool or browse our ranges of stability and neutral trainers for every running style.