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ASICS Men’s Jackets and Vests

Running outside can help ease everyday stresses and connect you more with nature. But wind, rain, and cold can affect how far or fast you run. A standard jumper is bulky and limits movement, while our ASICS men's running jackets are the perfect solution for making your sessions more comfortable and productive.

Built To Help You Go Further

Men's running jackets are designed to keep you dry and comfortable while you run. Lightweight materials and breathable panels are built into the design to prevent you overheating. Laser-cut ventilation details also help with airflow to keep you cool while a waterproof outer material keeps you dry. 

Cool, Comfortable, And Safe

Several strips of hi-vis material on your jacket appear on the front zip and across your back to keep you safe while you run. These reflective accents on your running vests are designed to improve visibility. 

From track to trail running, our range of men's running jackets and vests are designed to give you maximum comfort and performance. You can pair your running jacket with a sweatshirt, running top, and men's running tights to maintain performance in any conditions.