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ASICS men’s sports socks

Choosing the right men’s sports socks to go with your running shoes can have a significant impact on your workout. ASICS’ sports and running socks for men are designed to provide a range of features that contribute to a more comfortable session by helping avoid rubbing and sweat build-up. That’s especially important for long-distance races and marathons, as well as your regular exercise or specific sports such as tennis, volleyball or padel.

Why you need sports socks

Sports socks for men provide a number of benefits when doing exercise. Unlike general men’s socks, sports socks provide a number of features that can make your workout more comfortable. 

One key feature that differentiates sports and running socks for men is the use of padding and arch support. These socks provide extra cushioning in the midfoot which can reduce the risk of foot problems that you might experience if you just wore regular socks or standard ‘trainer socks’. Men’s running socks and sports socks often use a structure that adds compression and support for your feet. They also are designed using materials that help manage heat and moisture, and this can also help avoid unpleasant odours. 

In short, if you want a comfortable, friction-free exercise session, it’s worth investing in specially designed sports socks. 

ASICS’ scientifically designed sports socks for men

At ASICS, we know just how important sports socks for men can be for your performance, and we have designed our men’s socks with a number of technical features to ensure they maximise your exercise session. 

We have developed a range of breathable and ergonomically designed men’s socks to match your needs – be that a marathon, a power session on your gym’s running machine or a team sport with your mates. 

Every exercise is different, and so we've designed specific sports socks which match your requirements, depending on the time of year and your particular workout. For example, our winter running sock gives you additional thickness to avoid your toes feeling numb (they match with our men’s gloves too), while our recovery sock gives you support after a high-endurance session. Browse our men’s socks to find the right pair for you.